Read to those who were present at the September 19, 2023, Board Meeting

I would like to explain the rate increase to the water bills. The Board debated long and hard about the rate increase. Marshall County is running out of water. We currently buy all of our water from the City of Lewisburg and the City of Murfreesboro. The agreement with the City of Murfreesboro is for a term of four (4) years and if Marshall County has approval of the Tennessee Department of Environmental and Conservation to the plans of a water plant, we get a 5th year, If we have begun construction of a water treatment plant at the end of the 5th year, we can get a two (2) year extension. But we get nothing past a seven (7) year point. That date is in 2027. We are three (3) years into this agreement. We have purchased the land and are ready to begin construction on the intake portion of the project. MCBPU has authorized the issuance of $39,000,000.00 to complete this project. In order to sell the bonds, we had to show the purchasers of the bonds that we have enough income to pay back the bonds. That was the reason for the rate increase. 

Because there is a regional need for water, we are in serious discussions with Maury County Water, the City of Lewisburg, and the Town of Chapel Hill about them joining us to help pay for this water treatment plant and spreading the cost among all of our rate payers. Should the other entities join in with Marshall County, we also will become eligible for grants from the Federal Government and the State of Tennessee.

We understand the stress of the rate increase, but we are looking to the future to provide water for growth and future generations.

From: MCBPU Chairperson Mickey King 





  • September 19, 2023



  • Fire Connection Fee Contract


  • Update on Water Authority
  • Bond
  • Pay increase


  • Update 31A Project-
  • PRV/Altitude Valve Bid
  • Intake update
  • WTP update



  • Credit Card-First Farmers Bank
  • Add Superintendent as signer to the bank accounts
  • Financial Statement


  • Land purchase from Grover Collins


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